Monday, August 31, 2009

Today was a BIG day for me..

Well kinda....

I went to work today despite the weather...

While at work I realized what an amazing tan I have!!!

Also, while I was at work I realized that stupid me signed up for a Tuesday Thursday class that I already took.. So I had to drop the course, luckily it was still in time for them to refund me the money. Sadly I am down to 2 classes this semester instead of 3.. but maybe next semester I can squeeze in 4..

Today was my first day of my wardrobe class...

My teacher said that she has never given anyone in her classes less than an A and she has been teaching for over 16 years! So I am feeling pretty good about this. Also we found out what our final project is already and all we have to do is design a look (and we are allowed to just look up pictures on the internet for it) and make just one piece of the "look" (such as a shirt, dress, belt...)!!! So, as soon as she explained this I totally knew what "look" I wanted to do.. 50's waitress!!!!!!!!!! And since one of our other projects will be making a hat I will use that as part of my "look" and the part that I want to do for the final project is the apron!!

So, Teenie, look forward to me coming over sometime in the next few weeks or so to do lots of sewing on my machine.. we can make matching aprons!

I am super excited. I hope that for one of the other projects we do I will be able to create the dress for my "look" but if not then I can just go thrifting for it. And last but not least I need the shoes.. so I am either going to go with saddle shoes or roller skates! I am totally going to draw my "look" so I can make it just how I want it. Ill be sure to put a picture up of what my "look" looks like!


  1. Sounds like some fun stuff for you this semester! Good luck!

  2. Whoo-hooo I am excited about this! Matching aprons here we come!