Thursday, August 20, 2009


Running around in the Florida heat makes me so tired!

So Tina said that I have to do this lol...

The Guidelines

You must divulge Seven Personality Traits about yourself and Pay it Forward to Seven Bloggers.

1. Emotional-(sorry Tina know you already said that but me too) If you make me mad I'll be very mad and stay like that, if I get sad I will cry my eyes out, and if I am happy I will be bouncing off the walls.

2. Stubborn- Thank you dad!

3. Strong/Independent- I can fend for myself physically and psychologically.

4. Crazy- If me and my sister are together then watch out because there is mayhem coming.

5. Loving- If you need help I can't say no. Also, I love everything.. I love babies, people, animals....

6. Artistic- I love to take pictures, paint, draw, color.. anything creative.

7. Feminist- I hate it when guys think that girls can't do something. Maybe I don't know everything about everything but if you show me how I can do it. I know how to use tools and build things and do basic maintenance on my my car! I like to watch sports. I like to get dirty.

Now you get to tell me about yourself:


Life and Scrapping

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  1. Hey thanks!! I plan on working on this either this week or next week- I am still playing catchup on everything!