Saturday, August 8, 2009

A whole bunch of nothing...

I just wanted to let you know that my sister (Talkin' with Teenie) isn't the only one that likes to go in my dryer for no reason...

Sophia has started horse back riding lessons.. This was her second one and they say she is doing much better...

This is me watching Sophia at her lesson.. Wishing that my parents had money when I was young so I could have taken lessons.. But that is what Cindy is for.. (I do look really cute in this picture though)

And here is Stefan riding on the horse. (Sophia needed to practice leading the horse on the ground so Stefan got to ride while Sophia lead)

Oh and here is me with the cutest little apron on. It is the apron that I get to use when we do "Cooking with Sophia" (she has a matching one)

There will be another post soon.. Just gotta gather my thoughts for that one

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  1. Kitty is so cute! And the kitty's name? Glad you now have opportunities that you did not have growing up. I always wanted riding lessons too. Now I have a steel horse. I love the apron, you are such the suzy