Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I can


So, I wasn't going to get off work till 8 and I figured that I wouldn't want to work out at 8:30 so while folding laundry at work I did squats..

5 squats for every article of clothing that I folded!!!

so I guess somewhere around 150

woop woop!

Today at work I had to drive my bosses car which is a PT Cruiser (manual). Yes I know how to drive stick cause my car is but it is totally strange switching cars. It was much easier to drive then Patrick's car cause the gears aren't all f'ed up. But it was totally weird cause I felt like a giant in it, like my head was going to touch the roof. Also the front end is so tiny I can't even see it in front of me. Crazy!

(I had to drive it cause Stefan was sleeping and we didn't want to wake him up to switch cars)


  1. Way to go girl!! You are being very imaginative when it comes to working out each day and it seems to be working for you. Keep up the great work outs!!!

  2. Good for you and your squats! Wish I could say I have been working out, but you know me......

    What color is the PT?