Sunday, August 30, 2009

So has anyone been wondering where I've been?

Well, don't worry.. I didn't go far.
I ran out of my Zoloft and couldn't get a refill for a week!! OMG! I just didn't want to move from the couch and my computer so if I was not at work then I was on my computer playing games and web browsing!

But I got my meds and have been on them for a few days and they have kicked in so I feel more compelled to get off my ass and do stuff.

So last Wednesday I went to Tampa to see my best friend Cindy and we went to the mall. She put this hat on me and don't I look cute?

I got this totally cute purse!!!

And these so cute pajamas.. both items were 10 bucks each.. with a total savings of 32 dollars!

After the mall we drove to get Krystal and then we all drove back to Tampa to go to a bridesmaid event to look and try on bridesmaid dresses for Cindy's wedding.. I tried on 2 dresses.. The second one is the chosen one and i love it.. but you have to imagine it in bright pink with a black bow!

After that Cindy got her hair did...

And then we all went home...

Yesterday I went thrifting to find a little desk to do art on (failed) and some NES games for my brother (failed). So while looking for said items I found a Thomas the Tank Engine metal lunch box for 69 cents!!! So I totally got that for Stefan and I also got him a train book cause it was cute and he is in LOVE with trains. I also found  something else for waaaaaaaaaaaay cheap but I cannot say what that is for the sake of Teenie.

Later that night I went to watch a whole bunch of kids for an adult party at the JW Marriott hotel in Kissimmi.

But get this.. I was watching about 30 kids but I wasn't alone. There were about 5 people that worked at the Marriott watching the children and 3 other Nannies.. So basically I just sat down with a few kids and colored for 20 dollars an hour for 3 hours..

Today I went to Cocoa Beach with Patrick, Josh, Andy, and Josh's parents. I was in the sun for all but 15 minutes of the 4.5 hours we were there and everybody else was in the shade for about 3 hours and out of the 4 of us with burns mine is the least severe! Yep its just a little red and will be gone by morning..

After the beach we went to eat here..

I had oysters and shrimp and it was delicious.. and for desert..

oh my, my, my Key Lime Pie...

All that was left was a slice of lime and the cherry...

And on the way out I had to say hi to the Shrimp family and take a picture with the daddy...

I was so full on the way home that I looked incredibly fat and had to take a picture of that LMAO...

And now I have a headache so I will leave you with that


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  1. OMG I cannot believe that you posted that "fat" pic of you. Too funny! I LOVE the bridesmaid dresses and can't wait for Cindy's wedding. I would also love to know what else you got while thrifting. You can tell me! I won't tell....