Monday, August 31, 2009

Today was a BIG day for me..

Well kinda....

I went to work today despite the weather...

While at work I realized what an amazing tan I have!!!

Also, while I was at work I realized that stupid me signed up for a Tuesday Thursday class that I already took.. So I had to drop the course, luckily it was still in time for them to refund me the money. Sadly I am down to 2 classes this semester instead of 3.. but maybe next semester I can squeeze in 4..

Today was my first day of my wardrobe class...

My teacher said that she has never given anyone in her classes less than an A and she has been teaching for over 16 years! So I am feeling pretty good about this. Also we found out what our final project is already and all we have to do is design a look (and we are allowed to just look up pictures on the internet for it) and make just one piece of the "look" (such as a shirt, dress, belt...)!!! So, as soon as she explained this I totally knew what "look" I wanted to do.. 50's waitress!!!!!!!!!! And since one of our other projects will be making a hat I will use that as part of my "look" and the part that I want to do for the final project is the apron!!

So, Teenie, look forward to me coming over sometime in the next few weeks or so to do lots of sewing on my machine.. we can make matching aprons!

I am super excited. I hope that for one of the other projects we do I will be able to create the dress for my "look" but if not then I can just go thrifting for it. And last but not least I need the shoes.. so I am either going to go with saddle shoes or roller skates! I am totally going to draw my "look" so I can make it just how I want it. Ill be sure to put a picture up of what my "look" looks like!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

So has anyone been wondering where I've been?

Well, don't worry.. I didn't go far.
I ran out of my Zoloft and couldn't get a refill for a week!! OMG! I just didn't want to move from the couch and my computer so if I was not at work then I was on my computer playing games and web browsing!

But I got my meds and have been on them for a few days and they have kicked in so I feel more compelled to get off my ass and do stuff.

So last Wednesday I went to Tampa to see my best friend Cindy and we went to the mall. She put this hat on me and don't I look cute?

I got this totally cute purse!!!

And these so cute pajamas.. both items were 10 bucks each.. with a total savings of 32 dollars!

After the mall we drove to get Krystal and then we all drove back to Tampa to go to a bridesmaid event to look and try on bridesmaid dresses for Cindy's wedding.. I tried on 2 dresses.. The second one is the chosen one and i love it.. but you have to imagine it in bright pink with a black bow!

After that Cindy got her hair did...

And then we all went home...

Yesterday I went thrifting to find a little desk to do art on (failed) and some NES games for my brother (failed). So while looking for said items I found a Thomas the Tank Engine metal lunch box for 69 cents!!! So I totally got that for Stefan and I also got him a train book cause it was cute and he is in LOVE with trains. I also found  something else for waaaaaaaaaaaay cheap but I cannot say what that is for the sake of Teenie.

Later that night I went to watch a whole bunch of kids for an adult party at the JW Marriott hotel in Kissimmi.

But get this.. I was watching about 30 kids but I wasn't alone. There were about 5 people that worked at the Marriott watching the children and 3 other Nannies.. So basically I just sat down with a few kids and colored for 20 dollars an hour for 3 hours..

Today I went to Cocoa Beach with Patrick, Josh, Andy, and Josh's parents. I was in the sun for all but 15 minutes of the 4.5 hours we were there and everybody else was in the shade for about 3 hours and out of the 4 of us with burns mine is the least severe! Yep its just a little red and will be gone by morning..

After the beach we went to eat here..

I had oysters and shrimp and it was delicious.. and for desert..

oh my, my, my Key Lime Pie...

All that was left was a slice of lime and the cherry...

And on the way out I had to say hi to the Shrimp family and take a picture with the daddy...

I was so full on the way home that I looked incredibly fat and had to take a picture of that LMAO...

And now I have a headache so I will leave you with that


Thursday, August 20, 2009


Running around in the Florida heat makes me so tired!

So Tina said that I have to do this lol...

The Guidelines

You must divulge Seven Personality Traits about yourself and Pay it Forward to Seven Bloggers.

1. Emotional-(sorry Tina know you already said that but me too) If you make me mad I'll be very mad and stay like that, if I get sad I will cry my eyes out, and if I am happy I will be bouncing off the walls.

2. Stubborn- Thank you dad!

3. Strong/Independent- I can fend for myself physically and psychologically.

4. Crazy- If me and my sister are together then watch out because there is mayhem coming.

5. Loving- If you need help I can't say no. Also, I love everything.. I love babies, people, animals....

6. Artistic- I love to take pictures, paint, draw, color.. anything creative.

7. Feminist- I hate it when guys think that girls can't do something. Maybe I don't know everything about everything but if you show me how I can do it. I know how to use tools and build things and do basic maintenance on my my car! I like to watch sports. I like to get dirty.

Now you get to tell me about yourself:


Life and Scrapping

Monday, August 17, 2009

Blog Designers

I am really tired..

But Stan can't wait another day to be talked about...

So my sister and I were looking through her "treasure chest" and found Stan. He has been missing for many years. After we found him it was clear to us that he needed to be put into circulation again...

So we put little googly eyes on him, a bow around his waist and one in his hair. Attached to the bow was a note that read "long time no see.. do you remember me?"

On the way to our Mother's house Stan was sitting on my dash board just googly eying every which way. We also stuck him out the window to show others.. they laughed.. and then Stan was on the roof of my car and a hooker saw it and shook her hook at us!!!

So when we got to mother's we put Stan into our mother's mail box and waited for her to check the mail...

Well she did and she couldn't remember who Stan was but still thought it was funny.. on the other hand her husband thought that it was a toy from McDonalds...

So I told my mother the story of the first arrival of Stan....

About 6 years ago my mother and sister owned a booth at a flea market and across the hall was Snaggle Tooth (Ray), who smelt soooooooooooo bad!!!

Anyways, I told mother that she was eating her McDonald's lunch one day when Snaggle Tooth came to her booth and gave her Stan. (why would you keep anything Snaggle Tooth gave you???)

So, after Stan came into the picture he was passed back and fourth between my mom's truck and Keith's (sister's hubby) truck. It was hillarious...

Just imagine getting into your truck to go to work and sitting on Stan!!! LMAO

So after I told her this story she laughed her butt off and told her husband. We let her know that she had to keep Stan in circulation so she said that she would. But she said that she would put it in Lela's car (our sister-in-law). Which is so crazy cause she doesn't know the story at all and she will not even know what Stan is!

But mother said she will enclose a note with Stan to explain the situation and to tell Lela to keep him in circulation.

Also, before we left my mother's house we hid Stan in the freezer....

This is Stan the Man:

If you see Stan..... Keeping him moving.....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This will be short

Did 40 of each while folding laundry:
pigeon toed calf raises
regular calf raises
toes out calf raises..

Just made myself Talapia rice and green beans, it was delicious.

Now I will play some games and then pack for my sisters and then go to sleep cause tomorrow is going to be a long day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Busy Day

Woke up at 8
Went to work
Got the kids ready
Went shopping
Came home(my other home) and put away groceries
Made space in Sophia's room for her new books
Organized Sophia's toys
Organized Stefan's train table and toys
Made lunch
Put Stefan to bed
Cleaned up from lunch
Went to my bank
Went to the post office
Went to Cathy's bank
Went to Arby's
Went to Office Max for 1 cent school supplies for charity
Went to Marshall's for Sophia's school socks
Got my oil changed and my tires aligned
Went to the gym and worked out for half an hour
Finally came home and took a shower

Now I am going to play some computer games and relax

Then make fish for dinner! yum yum yum

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I can


So, I wasn't going to get off work till 8 and I figured that I wouldn't want to work out at 8:30 so while folding laundry at work I did squats..

5 squats for every article of clothing that I folded!!!

so I guess somewhere around 150

woop woop!

Today at work I had to drive my bosses car which is a PT Cruiser (manual). Yes I know how to drive stick cause my car is but it is totally strange switching cars. It was much easier to drive then Patrick's car cause the gears aren't all f'ed up. But it was totally weird cause I felt like a giant in it, like my head was going to touch the roof. Also the front end is so tiny I can't even see it in front of me. Crazy!

(I had to drive it cause Stefan was sleeping and we didn't want to wake him up to switch cars)

Monday, August 10, 2009


Well they came and fix the air around noon and my apartment is still cooling itself off.. Instead of 90 it is now around 80 and maybe a little below.

Since I am exhausted from my troublesome night last night I took it easy on my work out.

I did 50 crunches, some yoga, and stretching.

Going to play some games and then maybe craft...


So its midnight and I want to retire to bed but it is 90 degrees in my apartment with the air conditioning blowing hot air...

It is obvious that my AC has not been working since we moved in because it is constantly running and never reaches the temperature that we have the thermostat set to. Thus making our electric bill 300 + dollars!!!

In this extreme heat I finally fell asleep and slept for about an hour and a half to wake up not able to breath. I sat for about 20 min and then came back in to try to sleep. Still not able to sleep I ended up here...

Sleeping in my car for the rest of the night. No i did not put the air on in the car it was just 10 degrees cooler in my car then in my apartment and I was able to sleep semi comfortably.

Im hot and tired but they are fixing the AC so I will be happy soon...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fun in the Sun

I went to the Dolphin hotel at Disney today to visit my nephew, Andrew, and his family.

Left to right: Matthew, Andrew, Vinnie, Luca, and Tony.

Andrew is only a year older then Tony but like a foot taller then him...

So swimming and wrestling in the pool with the boys for 7 hours officially counts as my work out for the day.

Incidentally, I got a sunburn from being out so long. I did not put any sunscreen on. But it isn't too bad.. will be gone in a couple days...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ok.. Here goes nothing!

So I am totally unmotivated and really need to be.

Motivated about what you ask?

Once in a while I will get motivated and actually work out. Like today I went to the gym for 30 min and worked out. I know its not a long time but its something.

I did about 20 min on the elliptical, 5 on the treadmill, and 5 on the crazy sit up machine. Then I came home and stretched before my shower.

To help me become more motivated I added a remind to my phone to tell me every day to work out. I also added a To Do List to my iGoogle which tells me to work out when I open my internet.

But I feel that I need more support...
Therefore I am asking all my blog buddies to keep encouraging me to work out. My plan is to do a little every day. Now i will blog what I did every day and if I do not write anything then I most likely did not work out and you have the freedom to send me angry e-mails telling me to go to the gym! (

Hopefully with all these reminders I will actually stick to working out for more then a week!!!

Now I am not only work out to lose weight. Yes, I do want to shed some pounds but more importantly I just want to be healthier. Lately I have just been tired all the time and crappy feeling and I concluded that this is because if I am not at work I am at home doing nothing!

So please motivate me!!!!

Also I got a peach today and it was wonderful! Totally makes up for the crappy one..

A whole bunch of nothing...

I just wanted to let you know that my sister (Talkin' with Teenie) isn't the only one that likes to go in my dryer for no reason...

Sophia has started horse back riding lessons.. This was her second one and they say she is doing much better...

This is me watching Sophia at her lesson.. Wishing that my parents had money when I was young so I could have taken lessons.. But that is what Cindy is for.. (I do look really cute in this picture though)

And here is Stefan riding on the horse. (Sophia needed to practice leading the horse on the ground so Stefan got to ride while Sophia lead)

Oh and here is me with the cutest little apron on. It is the apron that I get to use when we do "Cooking with Sophia" (she has a matching one)

There will be another post soon.. Just gotta gather my thoughts for that one

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Change is Good...

Patrick changed his hair...

Today I changed my underwear but not my clothes (its my day to relax and do nothing at all)

I changed from coloring my pig to just coloring...

My next weeks schedule changed and now I have off Monday instead of Wednesday which is great because Patrick also has Monday off!!!

So what have you changed lately?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cocoa Beach

It was nice! and super sunny.
I got a little bit of a sunburn even though I used sunscreen but Patrick got a bad one cause he didnt use any sunscreen.

I got to hang out with Baby Hayden, which is Patrick's nephew, so my nephew!!!

He is way too cute..

Here are some pictures of today!!!

Here is Happy me on the way to the beach, had my coffee and listening to Franky Valley and the 4 Seasons! Its my beach tunes!!!

And yes my shirt has my name on it lol!

Tootles yall