Thursday, September 10, 2009

My labor day weekend..

I drove to my brothers

It was his birthday..

We jumped...

We got pedicures...

We got drinks...

I drove home...

Sunday.. went to the beach..

Laid in the sun..

Built sand castles..

Destroyed castles..

Went to dinner...

(It looks like amazing pictures behind us but believe it or not it is windows)

We went out on the pier and saw JELLY FISH!!!

(it was Nick and Lisa's honeymoon)

(there were surfers like 6inches from the jelly fish.. Scary)

Went home...

Total miles in a car that day.. about 130..

Monday.. off to my sisters..

Nichole showed us her pooping skills..

We jumped..

We flew...

We sang..

I went home..

Total miles: 666.. And I wonder why I got sick with a number like that following me

What did you do this Labor Day Weekend???


  1. I had so much fun with you this weekend. Can't wait to do it again!!!

  2. Love all of the pictures, especially the jumping ones! Glad you had a good weekend.