Saturday, July 18, 2009

Totally Sick of it...

Ive been sick off an on for 2 weeks and its wearing me  out..

but on the bright side I was feeling great yesterday so I went to a party and drank it up...

[I had 2 shots of this ^^^]

A few shots of ????? I don't know they were just served to me..
And an alcoholic beverage that I don't know what was in it cause it was also served to me..
But no it wasn't drugged, I was at a gay party and they wouldn't do that..
Got a buzz and had lots of fun!

oooh... my project...

Puffy Paint Plus

White T-shirt

Isn't it fun??????????????

Today I think I am going to work on my sister's tattoo.. Cause I promised her I would draw it....

Tomorrow I am taking Sophia to Universal Studios and having a great day playing in the water and going on roller coasters!!!

1 comment:

  1. Eeeew why would you do shots of 151? That stuff is nasty!!!

    I love, Love, LOVE your shirt!