Monday, July 6, 2009

It's exhausting...

being a mommy..
My little boy is sick and was a bit cranky but luckily he took a 4 hour nap. My little girl is getting her birthday party ready so today we made the treasure hunt. We had to figure out where to hide the treasure, where to put the clues, and make up riddles for each clue. We still have to decorate and clean up a storm so everything is ready for her party.

After work I went to Borders and got presents for my nephew and a giant puzzles book for myself. And right now I'm just lounging and working on my puzzles..

Tomorrow I will be working till 6 and then who knows. But I can't wait till Wednesday! I am getting half of my mouth piece so hopefully my jaw will stop hurting and my migraines will not be as often. After that I am going to draw my sister's tattoo. Then I'm going to do some sort of crafting, I want to make myself some cool stuff to wear!

I'm bringing back the 50's and 80's!!!

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