Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday America...

Well.. The party was going good at my dad's  house until he gave my 13 year old nephew a shot of Tequila... who the f*** does that???

On a good note, got to see my sissy, the twins, Keith, Andrew, Amber, Katelyn, Jay... and I secretly adopted a baby..

Here is some pictures of sparkler fun...

Lea's heart... It's beautiful!

And as for today.. I watched the back end of the Tennis match, which didn't end well, had amazing food at cheeburger cheeburger, went to Universal studios for  a few hours..

Oh and well we were on the ET ride this British lady totally dropped her sun-glasses as soon as she sat down and was throwing a huge fit about them and jumped down where she wasn't suppose to and got them, then she got escorted out of the ride and hopefully the park..

Now I am home and sleepy and sore..

Kisses and Love..

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