Sunday, December 6, 2009

BEWARE.. TMI Alert!!!

So, imagine an ingrown nail stabbing you in the big toe. Annoying you for days and days. Then one day you have had enough so you get out the tweezers and clippers and a little knife. And you dig out a chunk of nail and your toe seems to feel all better. Ahh, you think to yourself, relief at last. Come to find out the next day the toe has become inflamed, pussy(not vagina..), and more painful. Now it is time to go in for a second look. Painful as it may be, I dug and dug until I pulled out A HUGE NAIL. No kidding, this thing was a freaking monster... It was in the upper corner of my toe nail and from where it was suppose to be to the end of it was 1/2 a freaking inch!!! So, I chopped that fucker off and now my toe is a gaping wound that is wrapped up in a bandaide and throbbing.. hopefully it will feel better tomorrow...