Sunday, November 15, 2009


I will get dressed.. soon
Going to get some fabric to start making my apron for my final project in my costume design class.
Will level up in Cafe World.. haha
Eat lots of ice..
Probably put off doing my paper.

Does anyone know where my girl scout vest and sash are?

I finally sent out your anklets Julie.. sorry for the delay!

Mom and Tina you will get yours probably for Christmas unless I feel motivated sooner.

Oh.. so I like to keep my phone in my bra when I wear a sports bra cause its very handy and it stays well.. but for the first time ever it fell out.. and it fell out in the kids bath!!! So after  fishing it out and drying it off I kept it in a bag of rice over night and now it seems to be working for the most part, the screen likes to flicker, so I am saving up for a new phone.. probably the Samsung Highlight because the Memoir is way too expensive. See I was going to get a new phone for Christmas but the BF had to spend like 200+ dollars at the doctors in the past couple weeks and now might not be able to get me a phone.. *tear*

My little boy is growing up, he has gone from his crib to a full size bed and he is such a sweet heart. After I read him stories he says "cuddle me" and then we cuddle and he pets my face and then I kiss him goodnight and he says "I love you Kelly" and it just makes me want to cry cause I love him so much!

I have introduced my little girl to my FarmVille, Pet Society, and Cafe World and she is addicted. She likes to play them all for me and I let her, less work for me.

What?!?! I like outhouses! So what?! Big Deal!

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  1. Weirdo. Why do I have to wait until Christmas? I think you should come to fight night and bring it then. No clue where your girlscout crap is. Why did you buy new fabric and what happened to making matching aprons with your SISTER? LOSER.