Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Music and my kid

So on my phone I have a few songs that I like and one of them is Low(apple bottom jeans) and I was listening to it in my car and my little boy was in the back seat, we were on our way to the park. After it ended, the next song started, and Stefan yelled out "I wanna hear 'hit the floor'!" and I was like OMG... I didn't even think he was paying attention.. but I played it again for him.. Needless to say it is his new favorite song. We listened to it over and over again.

When we went shopping he was a big hit. He had my phone and was listening to Low, and he made some friend. There was this one lady that heard it and started dancing to the music and then when we were putting the groceries in the car she was driving away and stopped to say goodbye to him.. HAHA

So my little boy likes to sing "low low low low low" and "she hit the floor"

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